Area of Work

Social & Resident Welfare

We at ADRF are concerned and committed to support Owners/Tenants in their living at Dwarka. We promise to have the rich urbanisation and luxurious life style.

Assistance to Civil Administration
Authorities and Harmony

We came up in existence with the motto of assisting
civil administration authorities and support in
maintaining harmony in Dwarka sub-city.

Facilitate Local Governance

To involve local Residents in decision-making process
and day-to-day activities of Dwarka sub-city that makes
their lives better, peaceful and empowering them for
resolving their problems by the local solutions.

Facilitate Infrastructure Services

ADRF is in belief that without the streamlined
Infrastructure no city can be developed or flourished.
In view of this we are working hand-to-hand with the
Dwarka Administration.

Support in Implementation of Government Schemes

For the betterment of Dwarka Sub-city Residents, we
support to the authorities in implementation of various
schemes as in covid-19, we worked with the SDMC and
RWAs for providing free food facility to needy-one or

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